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image.jpegBLabs: Tell Me What Do You Love Most About Make Up? ...

Nikki: I love how happy I make people feel! I see the feelings of doubt on their faces and then the confirmation that I did a phenomenal job that follows, they see a side of themselves that they don’t get to see very often or have never seen.

Blabs: What Are Some Common Beauty Mistakes That Women Make? ...

Nikki: I often see women use eyeshadows without primers, or not know how to prime and prep their skin for the products.

BLabs:Tell Me What Is The One Product You Can't Work Without? ...

Nikki: At this point in my career, I have fallen in loovveee with the Baddie Labs eyeshaddoowwwsss, definitely a must have!

Make Up Artist- Nikkara from Joliet, IL

Phone number: 769-231-9227

IG: @beautyinnabrush

FB: Beauty InnaBrush ByNikki


28th Jul 2020 Dr. B

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