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About Us #NoFilter Skincare

 #NoFilter Was born when my then 3 year old son, like every toddler grabbed my phone and began snapping pictures of me. I thought it was the cutest thing until I saw the photos. I knew that I had gained the COVID 15 (pounds that is) but what happened to my skin? I was in disbelief, but with no filter or intense posing (duck lips) there I was in the raw with discolored, aging, unhealthy skin and dull under eye areas. That is when I realized that I had filter dysmorphia. It had been years since I took a photo that was not altering the reality of my unhealthy skin. I decided to attack the problem head on by changing my skin routine and developing products that were for people just like me, who wanted to be healthy and look healthy but needed the products to do it. Skincare is healthcare because the skin is our biggest organ. #NoFilter Skincare is a line that I made after creating my cosmetic line Baddie Labs Cosmetics. I realize now that putting make up on top of unhealthy skin is like putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. So now we treat the problem underneath the makeup, and then we apply the makeup to polish the look. 

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