Baddie Labs:Tell Me What Do You Love Most About Make Up? ...

Nikia: What I love most about Makeup is having an option of wearing Makeup or not wearing Makeup. When makeup is worn it makes an already beautiful woman even more stunning with the ability to enhance the beautiful features that are already there.

Baddie Labs: What is your favorite celebrity makeup look and why?

Nikia: My favorite celebrity MakeUp look is LaLa Anthony. Her makeup is always a very Natural Beat with a glow.

Baddie Labs: What is your advice for new makeup artist?.

Nikia: My advice to new Makeup artist is to “BELIEVE” Believe in yourself and just “Go for it”. Develop a unique technique that works for you.

Nikia’s Fav quote: Live Laugh Love ♥️

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Nikia Taylor



21st Aug 2020

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